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Operation regulation is an e-commerce transaction floor (referred to as “”) that allows organizations and individuals to buy and sell goods online. is built to provide domestic and international goods buying and selling application, linking with other e-commerce floors to offer many options for buyers.

Objective: To become the number 1 e-commerce trading floor in Vietnam


1.1. Viettel Post Joint Stock Corporation is a unit with full legal ownership and providing e-commerce services operates on the principles of publicity, transparency, operational regulations and compliance with the law.

1.2. This Regulation promulgates mandatory regulations applicable to members (including Merchants and Customers) wishing to trade, exchange, purchase and sell goods and provide services as well as business activities. business, trade promotion to participate on

1.3. The Seller and the Customer enter into a contract on the e-commerce floor of on the basis of respecting the principle of voluntary freedom, respect for the legitimate rights and interests of the parties involved in trading activities. The product is not contrary to the provisions of law.

1.4. The purchase and sale of products and services through must be made openly and transparently, ensuring the interests of consumers.

1.5. Products participating in transactions on are required to fully meet the provisions of relevant laws, not falling into the cases of business ban as prescribed by law.

1.6. When selling goods on, sellers must find out their legal responsibilities for the current laws of Vietnam, operating regulations and other policies, regulations of and commitment. Links to strictly comply with relevant regulations.

1.7. This Regulation and purchase and sale transactions on must always comply with the current laws of Vietnam


“” or “E-commerce floor (or e-commerce floor)” is an e-commerce trading floor with the website name and domain address of by Viettel Post Joint Stock Corporation (VTP). ) owned. “VTP” is Viettel Post Joint Stock Corporation established and operating under the Business Registration Certificate No. 0104093672 issued by the Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi City, registered for the first time on July 3, 2011. 2009, 15 th change registration September 20, 2018.

“Merchants” or “Sellers” are organizations and individuals having legal business and commercial activities approved by VTP to use services provided by E-commerce Floor and related parties. . Through, the “Merchants” or “Sellers” create booths to display, introduce, buy and sell and perform other activities to buy and sell goods and services to customers.

“Customer” or “Buyer” means organizations and individuals that buy goods and services on the e-commerce floor of

“COD” is a method of payment in cash upon receipt of goods.

“Product” means the goods sold by the Seller through the E-commerce floor of

“Member” means Customers, Sellers who have registered accounts to use on


3.1. Process for Customers (Customer) When they need to buy goods on, the buyer will perform the following steps:

– Step 1: Search and refer to information about products, services and sellers that buyers are interested in;

– Step 2: Refer to the price information and support policies of the seller of products and services that the buyer is wishing to buy (origin, origin, quality standards, warranty …);

– Step 3: Based on the reference information from the seller of the product or service, the buyer orders and provides the receiving address information and contact the seller through the contact information posted in content of sales information to inquire about more information about products and services;

– Step 4: After providing information and making a purchase decision, the buyer can decide to order (the buyer needs to login to the member account before buying, if the buyer is not a member of the system for pre-purchase membership registration);

– Step 5: Buyers choose the method of payment, delivery and confirm “order” to complete the order.

– Step 6: Buyers check the current state of goods, receive products and services;

– Step 7: Buyer inquires and complains to the seller (if any)

3.2. Process for Merchants To become a vendor (supplier) of products on, a seller will perform the following steps:

– Step 1: The seller registers the account according to the process on

– Step 2: Seller learns about the seller support policies and programs, select “Register”.

– Step 3: Seller provides business information in the form.

– Step 4: Complete the form and send it to

– Step 5: receives, checks and verifies information, the legality of the documents provided by the seller and contact the seller to verify more information, negotiate and sign the contract. providing e-commerce floor services.

In the case that after checks and authenticates the information and both parties sign the contract, creates a booth and the Seller can post, buy and sell products posted on

3.3. Use and warranty of the product

– The warranty policy is decided by the seller, the product buyer needs to learn carefully how to preserve the product, how long to use the product and discuss directly with the seller before buying. E-commerce platform only provides applications to support buying and selling.

– Store the product in accordance with the supplier’s instructions.

– Only use the product with expiry date.

– For food products, do not use in combination with other foods, because it can cause unhealthy reactions such as poisoning, stomachache, nausea …

3.4. Return / exchange policy

– Buyers and sellers communicate with each other through the information provided by the seller when posting to discuss the return of goods. requires the seller to specify the return policy (or not allow exchange) when posting the sale.

– floor operates under C2C model, the sale and purchase is agreed between the buyer and the seller in a spirit of voluntariness, honesty and accuracy. To ensure honesty, objectively all goods sold on the floor must check the current state of goods, and co-check the quantity of goods by the buyer before receiving the goods. Checking the goods of the buyer must not damage or damage the manufacturer’s box and seal.

– The policy of exchange / return goods is decided by the seller and announced on the floor, the buyer needs to find out before buying. If buyers need more information, they can contact the seller to get an exact decision before buying. The purchase and sale is an independent and voluntary decision of the buyer and the seller, by the act of ordering the buyer to agree to purchase with the information provided by the seller on the floor.

3.5. Shipping policy

– After receiving an order from the buyer, will pass the information on the order to the seller and confirm the form of transportation: self-transport or hire a third party to transport.

+ Self-transport: When a customer places an order on the system, the sales department will reconfirm the order with the customer, this confirmation via email or direct call. When reconfirming the customer about the goods, accompanying service charges if any. Customers agree, orders are ordered, packed and transferred to the sales department. Sales department receives delivery information and delivers goods to customers via motor vehicles.

+ Hire a third party: The third party to carry out transportation is Viettel Post Corporation. When the sales team has confirmed the order with the customer, issue the order, print the order, and pass the package to the shipping partner.

– Delivery time: Delivery time starts from the moment the order is successfully delivered by Seller to the carrier until the carrier first contacts the Buyer for delivery. The specific delivery time depends on the geographical distance between Buyer and Seller. However, estimates the delivery time as follows (excluding Sundays, Holidays):

+ Within the province: 1-2 days.

+ Interprovincial and distance from seller to buyer less than 300 km: 2-4 days.

+ Interprovincial and distance from seller to buyer over 300 km: 4-7 days.

Note: Some orders may take longer because Seller rescheduled the delivery for longer than expected (12 hours since bill of lading was created); or Buyer makes late delivery appointment for personal reasons.

Note: Some orders may take longer because the Seller is located in remote areas; remote or island areas.

3.6. Order confirmation / cancellation process

3.6.1. Order confirmation:

The information stated in the Terms and Conditions and the details contained on are not intended to be purchased or sold but is an offer. There is no contract for any product that exists between you and until you receive an order confirmation or notice that the order has been shipped to your address from When you submit your order request, will send you an order number. However, the order request needs to go through an order confirmation step in the form of a Partner or an employee of will call the Customer to confirm order information, personal information or delivery information. Customer’s item is correct. To request a confirmed order quickly, please provide correct and complete information regarding the delivery, or the terms and conditions of the promotion (if any) that the customer join.

3.6.2. Cancel order:

If a customer makes a mistake in placing an order after confirming the order on, the customer should contact Customer Support immediately. Hotline: 1900-989 -888 or Email:, will try to process your request as soon as possible has the right to refuse the customer’s order for processing. anytime, anywhere, including after you have placed an order successfully. If cancels your order, the customer have paid for the order, the payment amount will be fully refunded by the payee to the customer. reserves the right at its sole discretion to refuse liability to the customer or any other third party for the removal of any product from, even if the product has been sold to the customer.

3.7. Dispute resolution process, complaints is always responsible for receiving and handling customers’ complaints related to transactions at the e-commerce floor of When any complaints and disputes arise, upholds the solution of negotiation and mediation between the parties in order to maintain the relationship and trust of the Customer in the service quality of

In all cases, the decision of is the highest and final.

The complaint process follows these steps:

Step 1: Customers make complaints about the Merchants purchased on the e-commerce floor through: Send an email to the email address:; or Call Hotline 1900 989 888; or Customer sends a complaint at the address: Viettel Post Joint Stock Corporation Address: N1 Building, Thang Long Avenue, Me Tri, Tu Liem, Hanoi

Step 2: Customer care department will receive complaints, contact to clarify customer requirements as soon as possible and no more than 5 working days from the date of receipt of the request. Depending on the nature and severity of the incident, will have specific measures to assist customers in resolving complaints and disputes.

Step 3: may request customers and / or the Seller to provide information and evidence related to transactions and products to verify, clarify the case and take appropriate action.

Step 4: In case tried to resolve the complaint and dispute, but the matter is beyond its capacity and authority, will request the buyer to bring the case to a competent State agency for resolution. decided in accordance with the law. respects and seriously implements the provisions of the law on the protection of consumers’ interests. Therefore, it is recommended that the seller on the e-commerce floor of provide complete, accurate, truthful and detailed information related to the product. All frauds and frauds in business are condemned and must be fully responsible before the law.

The parties including the Seller and the Buyer play an important and responsible role in actively resolving the matter. Seller should be responsible for providing documents, documents, papers, and other evidence to prove, clarify information related to the incident that is causing conflict for the Customer. Upon request, will provide information relating to Buyer and Seller if agreed by such Buyer or Seller (in relation to disputes) or to the extent permitted by law. After the matter is resolved by the Buyer and the Seller, the Buyer and Seller need to report to the management board of the settlement results.

In case of transactions arising from complaints and disputes, the fault of which is determined to belong to the Seller, will take measures to warn, close the account or transfer it to the competent State agency for handling depending on the will terminate and remove all articles about the Seller’s products on and request Seller to compensate the Customer satisfactorily on the basis of the agreement with the Customer.

In case and the parties have attempted to resolve through negotiation or agreement but still cannot resolve the conflict arising from a transaction between the Customer and the Seller, either party can to bring the case to a competent State agency for settlement to ensure the legitimate interests of the parties.

3.8. Payment process

3.8.1. Payment process for Vendors

3.8.2. Payment process for Customers Customers can choose the payment methods on including:

– Option 1: Pay later (COD – pay in cash):

+ Step 1: Buyers learn information about the product on

+ Step 2: The buyer orders the product, chooses the method of cash payment upon delivery.

+ Step 3: Delivery department of

+ Step 4: Buyers receive and pay.

– Option 2: Pay online via Visa card, ATM card

+ Step 1: Buyers learn information about the product on

+ Step 2: Buyers order products, choose card payment method.

+ Step 3: The buyer provides the payment card information and completes the payment for the order.

+ Step 4: Delivery department of

+ Step 5: The buyer receives the goods.

– Note: When the seller participates in the e-commerce floor of, according to the floor’s operating policy, it can be understood that it is a transaction between the seller and that allows to collect money. of the customer then pay the seller. This is a collection activity according to the agreement of the parties.


4.1. Privacy statement

The card payment system provided by gateway partners

payment (“Payment Gateway Partner”) has been legally licensed to operate in Vietnam. Accordingly, the card payment security standards at ensure compliance with industry security standards.

4.2. Privacy policy

Policy on payment transactions by international and domestic cards (internet banking) to ensure compliance with security standards of Payment Gateway Partners including:

Customer’s financial information will be protected during transactions using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol.

Payment Information Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certification provided by Trustwave.

+ One-time password (OTP) is sent via SMS to ensure account access is authenticated.

+ 128 bit MD5 encryption standard.

Principles and regulations on information confidentiality in the banking and finance industry in accordance with the State Bank of Vietnam regulations.

Transaction security policy in payment of applies to Customers:

+ provides a utility for storing card information to use for the following payments on with the principle that only stores encrypted chains provided to Voso by the Payment Gateway Partner. Therefore, if customers choose to use the card information storage utility, the security of their payment card information is done by a licensed Payment Gateway Partner.

+ For international cards: Customer’s payment card information that can be used to establish transactions is not stored on’s system. Payment Gateway Partner will maintain and secure according to international standard PCI DSS.

+ For domestic card (internet banking), only stores order code, transaction code and bank name. is committed to ensuring that the necessary security measures are strictly implemented for all payments made on the e-commerce trading floor of


The seller must provide complete information including name, address, tax code / business code, phone number, email when registering to sell on the e-commerce floor of and take full responsibility. information provided to relies on the information provided by the seller to assess capacity.

The seller must ensure that all products provided on are not on the list of goods banned from trading and circulation in accordance with the law and are genuine, 100% new, in their original packaging, not yet. After using, the product meets the quality described on and takes full responsibility for its business.

Members on should not provide payment information to anyone by email or other form of communication, is not responsible for any damages or risks that Members may incur in the exchange, provide such billing information.

Buyers and sellers absolutely do not use any programs, tools or any other form to interfere with the system or change data structure.

It is strictly forbidden to distribute, propagate or cheer for any activity aimed at interfering with, destroying or entering the website system. All violations will be handled according to the provisions of law. All transaction information is kept confidential, except when it is required to provide it when requested by the competent state agency.


The Management Board of e-commerce floor requires individuals when registering as a member, to provide all relevant personal information such as: Full name, contact address, email … and is responsible for the accuracy and truthfulness of this information.

The Board of Directors of is not responsible for nor resolves all complaints related to the interests of that customer if the personal information provided by the customer during initial registration is incorrect. e-commerce floor always supports buyers in contacting sellers to resolve complaints and claims in order to ensure the legal rights of consumers. In all cases when the customer realizes that their legal rights and interests have been infringed (such as the quality of goods, incorrect technical information …), the customer performs the Supporting Process. Complaints are stated in this Regulation.

In case of transactions arising from complaints and disputes, it is determined that the fault belongs to the seller, will take measures to warn, close the account or transfer it to a competent State agency for handling depending on the level. degree of error. will terminate and remove all articles about the seller’s products on and at the same time request the seller to compensate the customer satisfactorily on the basis of the agreement with the customer. e-commerce floor always respects and tries to protect the interests of consumers.


7.1. Purpose of personal information collection: uses information collected from or provided by a Member for some or all of the following purposes:

– Facilitate the use of the Services by Members;

– Handling orders that customers ordered through;

– To deliver goods that customers have purchased through;

– Updates to customers on delivery times, and for customer support purposes;

– Compare information and verify with third parties to make sure it is correct;

– In addition, will use the information provided by Member to manage the Member’s account (if any) created with us to verify and perform financial transactions related to the accounts. online payment of Members; check downloading data from; improve the layout and / or content of’s sales pages and customize for users; identify visitors on; conducting research on user demographics and behavior; provide you with information that we think might be useful or requested by you from us, including information about the products and services of a third party seller or service, provided that rationale that a customer does not object to our communication with these purposes;

– To send customers marketing materials and / or advertising about sales partner’s products and services or to send newsletters from and from affiliates;

– In exceptional cases, may be required to disclose personal information, such as when there are grounds to believe that disclosure is necessary to prevent a threat to life or health, either for law enforcement purposes or for meeting other legal and regulatory requirements.

7.2. Scope of information usage: e-commerce floor uses information provided by users to:

– Provide services to users.

– Send notifications about information exchange activities between users and

– Prevent activities of destroying, appropriating the user’s user account or other activities that impersonate the user.

7.3. Save data:

7.3.1. Time to store information:

In all cases, the members’ personal information will be safely and securely stored by on the floor of the floor. We will only retain information until required by law or appropriate for the purpose of collecting information.

In addition, we will also store the information until the Member requests to cancel or the Member self-login and perform the cancellation.

7.3.2. Persons or entities that may have access to personal information: Members agree that, where necessary, the following agencies / organizations / individuals have the right to access and collect the information. Their personalities, including:

–’s Board of Directors.

– Third parties have services integrated with

– Event company and sponsor.

– A competent state agency, upon request, according to the operation regulations.

– Market research company.

– Financial advisor, legal and auditing company.

– Complainant can prove the member’s violation.

– At the request of a competent state agency.

7.3.3. Address of the unit collecting and managing personal information:

Viettel Post Joint Stock Corporation

Address: Building N1, Thang Long Avenue, Me Tri, Tu Liem, Hanoi

E-mail: Hotline: 1900-989 -888 ext. 3 7.3.4.

Means and tools for users to access and correct their personal data: Users have the right to check, update, correct or delete their personal information by themselves by logging into the Website: http : // and correct personal information or request the administrator to do this.

Users have the right to submit complaints about the disclosure of their personal information to third parties to the Administrators. Upon receiving these responses, will reconfirm the information, must be responsible for answering the reason and guide users to restore and secure the information.


8.1. For Members:

Members will be solely responsible for the security and keep all activities using the service under their registered name and password.

Members are responsible for promptly informing the E-commerce Floor of about acts of unauthorized use, abuse, security breaches, keeping the third party’s registered name and password to take measures to resolve. fit.

Members do not use the services of E-commerce Floor for illegal, unreasonable, fraudulent, intimidating, illegal information exploration, sabotage, creating and spreading harmful virus. harming the system, configuration, information transmission of e-commerce floor or using its services for the purpose of speculating, manipulating the market to create fake orders, offers, even serving for judgment of market demand. In case of violation, members must take responsibility for their actions before the law.

Member is not allowed to change, modify, assign, copy, transmit, distribute, provide and create similar tools of the services provided by E-commerce Floor to a third party if not. consent of e-commerce floor.

Members are not allowed to act to discredit the E-commerce Floor in any form

damaged, causing disunity among members by using the second registered name, through a third party or propagating and disseminating information that is not conducive to the reputation of e-commerce floor.

8.2. Manage Transactional Products on member commits to fully and properly comply with the current Vietnamese laws on transactions on In it, note some of the following products

8.2.1. List of products with transaction restrictions at

Hunting rifles and shotgun bullets, sports weapons, support tools; Cigarettes, cigars and other finished tobacco products;

Alcohol of all kinds;

Rare and precious wild plants and animals, including living things and processed parts thereof;

Other goods subject to business restriction as prescribed by law.

And other cases in accordance with the law.

8.2.2. Conditional trading products in accordance with current laws: If the Seller sells goods or services on the list of goods or services in which business is conditional as prescribed by law, it must be provided. certificate of business eligibility for such goods or services.

8.3. Manage Introductory Information, advertise Transactional Products on

Prohibited acts in posting information to introduce and advertise products and services on (i) Advertising lacks aesthetics, contrary to historical traditions, culture, ethics, and fine customs Vietnam. Advertisements offend the reputation, honor and dignity of organizations and individuals.

Advertisements that use an individual’s images, words or words without his / her consent, unless otherwise permitted by law.

Improper or misleading advertisements about the ability to do business or provide products, goods or services by organizations or individuals trading in products, goods or services; quantity, quality, price, utility, design, packaging, brand, origin, type, service method, warranty period of registered or registered products, goods or services to be announced. Advertise by using the method of direct comparison of the price, quality and use efficiency of their products, goods or services with the price, quality, and efficiency of their products or goods. services of the same type of other organizations or individuals.

Advertising with unfair competition content in accordance with the competition law.

Advertising violates the law on intellectual property. Other acts in violation of the law on advertising. And in case the law provisions change, such changes will apply.

8.4. The mechanism of checking and controlling product information of the Management Board of for products / services posted on the website:

The Seller sends information about the legal entity that wants to open a store on After being granted an authenticated account, the Vendors can sell their products. will have the sole discretion to remove the Seller’s products if the products sold violate the laws, operating regulations, policies and regulations of the floor and apply penalties and claims. listed in the floor’s policies, regulations and legal regulations. Products that are not suitable for the specified category will be deleted or will switch to another category for it to be reasonable. reserves the right to decide on the storage or removal of products posted on this website without prior notice.


When making transactions on, members must follow the instructions. The Board of Directors of e-commerce floor is committed to providing the best quality of service to members participating in transactions, striving to ensure the safety and stability of the entire technical system.

However, in the event of technical problems beyond the control of, will immediately take measures to ensure the interests of buyers.

In case of technical errors, software errors or other objective errors that make members unable to participate in the transaction, members shall notify the Management Board of E-commerce Floor via email address @ Voso .vn, will fix the error in the shortest time, creating conditions for members to participate in E-commerce floor. e-commerce floor will not be responsible for handling in case members’ notices fail to reach the Management Board, arising from technical errors, transmission errors, software or other errors not caused by the Management Board. cause.


10.1. Permission

– Request traders, organizations and individuals that are sellers on the e-commerce floor of to provide information as prescribed by law when registering to use the service;

– Requesting the seller of goods or services on the list of goods and services to be conditional on their website to provide a Certificate of business eligibility for such goods or services (in the school is required by law to have a Business Qualified Certificate)

– Proceeding to provide services to members after completing the conditions and procedures

that e-commerce floor raised;

– Have the right to check information of organizations and individuals posted on the e-commerce floor of, especially information on price and product quality;

– Refuse, suspend or terminate member’s right to use services in case there is a basis to prove that member’s information to is inaccurate, incomplete, or in violation of the law Vietnamese ethics and fine customs;

– Termination of membership rights and the right to use one or all of the member’s services in case a member violates the Regulations of E-commerce Floor or has acts affecting business activities on the Exchange. E-commerce;

– Consider terminating the right to use the service and member’s membership rights if a member does not participate in trading and information exchange on for three (03) consecutive months. To continue to become a member and be re-granted the right to use the service, you must re-register from the beginning according to the form and procedures of E-commerce floor;

– The right to use the service and membership rights of a member can be immediately terminated if the e-commerce floor detects that the member has gone bankrupt, is sentenced or is currently serving a sentence, in case the member continues. activities can cause the e-commerce floor to be legally responsible, have fraudulent activities, fake, cause market disturbances, cause disunity to other members of e-commerce floor. Act violating the current laws of Vietnam. In case of termination of membership rights and the right to use the service, all certificates and rights of the granted member will be automatically invalidated and terminated;

– e-commerce floor holds the copyright to use services and content on the e-commerce floor in accordance with the law on intellectual property protection in Vietnam. “ e-commerce trading floor” and all symbols, logos, and contents in different languages ​​belong to the ownership of E-commerce floor. All acts of copying, using and illegally disseminating the above rights are strictly forbidden;

– Retain the right to change the service table, tariff and payment method during the service provision period to members according to the needs and capacity conditions of e-commerce floor;

– Eliminate information on the sale of goods or services on the list of goods or services banned from trading and goods restricted from trading in accordance with law;

10.2. Duty

– Register to set up the website in accordance with the law and publish the registered information on the website;

– Develop and publicly announce on e-commerce website the regulations on operation of the e-commerce floor;

– Verify and verify registration information to sell goods or provide services on the e-commerce floor of;

– Apply necessary measures to ensure the security of information related to business secrets of members. Not to disclose, transfer, lease or sell information related to business secrets or personal information of consumers without the consent of related parties, unless otherwise provided by law. other designation

– There is a mechanism to inspect, supervise, and reflect the business acts in violation of the law and the mechanism for dispute resolution arising during transactions on the e-commerce floor.


11.1. Permission

– After signing the contract, the seller will be created an account to disclose seller information, post product sales and manage product information as well as orders.

– Sales are supported in training the necessary skills to manage accounts and orders on e-commerce floor. The vendor can contact the customer service department by email or total assistance number for assistance.

– Vendors are allowed to sell products that carry out promotions and enjoy preferential policies set by the management of during its operation according to the signed agreement / contract.

11.2. Duty

– Merchants must provide complete and accurate legal information when submitting registration to e-commerce floor.

– The vendor is responsible for providing a copy of the business registration certificate, legal papers for the legal entity and the Seller’s product.

– Vendors must provide product information to the management board of e-commerce floor, commit to only sell genuine, not fake, smuggled goods, of unknown origin.

– The seller is responsible for listing accurately about the quality, quantity, price, warranty policies, accessories, and other information related to the product.

– Merchants must coordinate with to resolve disputes between customers and sellers about product and service quality. The Seller is obliged to compensate the customers for damages when the fault is determined by the Seller.

– The seller is responsible for compensating the buyer if it can be proved that the fault belongs to the seller.

– Member commits, agrees not to use the services of e-commerce floor for illegal, unreasonable, fraudulent, threatening, illegal information leakage purposes

Solution, destroy, create and spread viruses that damage the system, configure and transmit information of e-commerce floor or use its services for the purpose of speculating and manipulating the market. counterfeit offers, including for judging market demand. In case of violation, members must take responsibility for their actions before the law.

– Member undertakes not to change, modify, copy, transmit, distribute, provide and create similar tools of the service provided by E-commerce Floor to a third party if not. consent of e-commerce floor.

– Members are not allowed to act to discredit E-commerce Floor in any form such as causing disunity among members by using a second registered name, through a third party or propagating, disseminating information that is not beneficial to the reputation of the e-commerce floor of

– Comply with regulations of law on payment, advertising, promotion, protection of intellectual property rights, protection of consumers’ interests and other relevant law provisions when selling goods or providing service application on the e-commerce trading floor.


12.1. Rights When registering to become a member of and with the consent of, customers will be allowed to buy goods for sale at Customers will be given a separate username and password to be used in order management at

Customers will be guided by the staff of E-commerce Floor to use the tools and features for buying and using convenient services on E-commerce Floor.

Customers have the right to contribute comments to E-commerce floor of during the operation. The proposals are sent directly by mail, fax or email to E-commerce Floor.

12.2. Duty

Customers will be solely responsible for the security and storage and all activities using the service under their registered name, password and email box.

Customers are responsible for promptly informing on the illegal use, abuse, breach of security, keeping their registration name and password for the two parties to cooperate in handling. .

Customers undertake that the information provided for e-commerce floor is correct.

Customers are responsible for providing information about transactions and products that support e-commerce floor in resolving disputes between buyers and sellers that occur through the Exchange.

The Customer undertakes, agrees not to use the services of E-commerce Floor for illegal, unreasonable, fraudulent, threatening, illegal information exploration, sabotage, creation and spread viruses, damaging the system, configuration, and transmission of information of E-commerce Floor or using its services for the purpose of speculating, manipulating the market to create orders, including serving for judging market demand.

In case of violation, customers are responsible for their actions before the law. The Customer undertakes not to change, modify, copy, transmit, distribute, provide and create similar tools of the service provided by to a third party if it is not possible. Agree of E-commerce Floor in this Regulation.

Customers are not allowed to act to discredit E-commerce floor in any form such as causing disunity among members by using the second registered name, through a third party or propagating, propagating. turn information that is not conducive to the reputation of the e-commerce floor of


This Regulation of e-commerce floor officially takes effect from the date of signing. e-commerce floor has the right to change this Regulation at any time. The revised Regulation takes effect from the date of entry into force specified in the revised Regulations.

The member’s continued use of the service after the revised Regulation is published and takes effect means that the member has accepted the amended Regulations. reserves the right to amend, supplement to complete this Operation Regulation at any time without prior notice.

Members participating in are responsible for complying with current regulations when transacting on the e-commerce floor of


When using online transactions, all related parties have agreed to comply with this regulation.

For any questions of customers, please contact the official contact address of E-commerce Floor

Viettel Post Joint Stock Corporation

Customer support: Customer care department

Address: Building N1, Thang Long Avenue, Me Tri, Tu Liem, Hanoi


Hotline: 1900-989 -888 ext. 3

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