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1. Does Viettel Logistics accept large and bulky goods?
=> Viettel Logistics receives and transports all kinds of goods in accordance with the provisions of the Law. Types of goods prohibited from sending (according to State regulations) include:
- Narcotics and psychostimulants
- Weapons, ammunition, military-technical equipment, artifacts belonging to historical and cultural relics.
- All kinds of depraved, reactionary cultural products, publications, and documents aimed at destroying public order against the State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
- Explosive, flammable objects or substances and substances that are dangerous or unsanitary, causing environmental pollution.
-Types of articles and goods that the State prohibits from circulation, business, or import and export.
- Articles, publications, and goods are banned from entering the receiving country according to the notice of the Universal Postal Union (UPU).
-Letters in parcels (letters enclosed in goods).
- Articles and goods in letters, publications, and school supplies for the blind (Decree 142/2004/ND-CP dated July 8, 2014).
- Postal items contain many items, sent to many different receiving addresses.
- Living creature.
- Vietnamese currency, foreign currency, and valuable papers such as money.
- Precious metals (gold, silver, platinum...), precious stones, or other products made from precious metals and gems.
Viettel Logistics is not responsible for the damage, loss of goods, or being prosecuted by the Law if you intentionally send the above-prohibited goods.

2. How can I pay for my order?
=> You can pay for your order in the following ways:
- Payment for delivery staff
- Directly at the office of Viettel Logistics

3. Is my goods guaranteed for delivery?
=> All goods are guaranteed for safety and quality. Viettel Logistics strictly complies with the requirements of goods preservation during transportation and commits to deliver the right and sufficient goods to customers.

4. What is Cargo Value Insurance?
=> 100% of Viettel Logistics goods are guaranteed value of goods. This is the olicy to compensate customers in case the goods are damaged or lost during transportation.

5. Is there any conditions or documents required to send the goods?
> To ensure delivery to the right recipient, quickly and safely, you need to print and stick the consignment note on the package or write the waybill code on the package. In addition, you do not need to provide supporting documents if the goods are not on the list of conditional consignments specified as follows:
- Postal items and parcels containing goods for business must have tax vouchers and other valid documents as prescribed by law.
-Export and import articles and goods under specialized management must comply with regulations of competent specialized management agencies.
- Bees, silkworms, leeches, insects in service of scientific research, perishable articles and goods, and packaged powder must ensure that they do not damage or contaminate other mailers and parcels.
-Articles and goods sent in postal items and parcels using aircraft services must comply with aviation security regulations.
Lưu ý: Please follow and perform properly and fully the binding conditions for the above goods. In case of deliberately sending goods that do not comply with regulations, Viettel Logistics will not be responsible if damaged, lost or prosecuted by law.

6. Where can I ship items? Does Viettel Logistics receive goods at home?
=> Currently, Viettel Logistics has a network of post offices and branches covering 63/63 provinces in Viet Nam. You can go to the nearest post office or ask Viettel Logistics to pick up the goods at home. List of post offices, please click here.

7. What do I need to do when I want to make a complaint about goods?
> You can check the condition of the goods as soon as you receive them (if agreed by the sender). After receiving the goods, if you find that the goods are damaged, please contact the post office or message us for the fastest support.
– Statute of limitations for complaints: The time limit for customers to make complaints according to the provisions of the law (Article 38. Complaints in the provision and use of postal services – Postal Law No. 49/2010/QH12 dated 17/02) June 2010). The statute of limitations for complaints is specified as follows:
+ 06 months from the end of the postal processing time, for complaints about the loss of postal items or delayed delivery of the items compared to the announced transit time.
+ 01 month from the date the postal item is delivered to the recipient, for complaints about the item being lost or damaged, about the freight rate and other contents directly related to the item.
- Time limit for settlement of complaints: (Article 38. Complaints in the provision and use of postal services – Postal Law No. 49/2010/QH12 dated June 17, 2010).
+ No more than 02 months from the date of receipt of complaints about domestic postal services.
+ No more than 03 months from the date of receipt of complaints about international postal services.

8. How is the return value of goods calculated?
> Viettel Logistics will refund goods in one of the following three cases:
– Customers who have purchased cargo insurance services: 100% refund of damage value. Maximum 100 million/ postal item (the value of goods is greater than 100 million, customers buy insurance by themselves from insurance companies).
- Customers using COD collection service: refund up to 100% of the collected amount excluding profits and not more than 30 million VND. (Note: the original unit has a written agreement to compensate for the maximum discount based on the input value of the postal item).
- Customers who do not use cargo insurance services: The reimbursement value is based on the contract signed by both parties.
+ If the customer provides documents proving the damage value, refund 50% of the damage value but not more than VND 30 million / 1 postal item.
+ If the customer fails to provide proof of damage to the domestic postal service, compensate 4 times the freight (including refund of used service charges) of the used service.
Documents proving the damage value can be financial invoices, bank transfer documents or sales contracts.

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